I wish I had never met you. I think that a lot about you.It’s true they say you should never regret anything but this I
regret. I did have nice memories with you but are they worth the pain I feel now? The answer is no. I’d give up meeting you in a heartbeat just to not feel this. I’d give up all the late night talks, the smiles, the looks, the touches, the moments, all the words you said to me, just to not feel this. ‘Cause at the end what do they all matter? Memories fade away, smiles and looks are forogotten, touches are replaced and words, well they’re just words, at least when it comes to you….Now I know that.
It’s so dumb how you never really know, when you’re completely enchanted by someone, who is bright and shiny ,that that person someday might wreck your heart and your peace of mind. It’s hard when you’re in a stage where you see no flaws and you completely trust the person and then they let you down. Worst thing is I was never a really a person that trusted others. I was never really one to get enchanted by most people, but you were different. At some point you just made me let go and trust you.
I think I truly believed in you…in us. You made me believe in us. What I don’t understand is why? Why let this happen when you didn’t want it for you, when you already knew you wanted to go on a different direction. And then you claim that honesty is your policy. That policy must apply only to lands outside my heart ’cause you showed no honesty when it came to it.


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